Cuero Computer Center, LLC


Your computers, tablets, phones, cameras and other devices need to connect to each other and to the internet. We can help you implement the right equipment to make those connections securely, reliably and within your budget.

Systems Management

We can help your business manage, maintain, and monitor all of the systems, servers, networks, and portable devices in your organization with a variety of tools including antivirus, backup, RMM, and Secure DNS.

Surveillance Systems

We can help you keep an eye on your assets with managed cameras, DVR's, and motion detection.


Remote Support

We can help you troubleshoot your computer over the internet with our secure and effective remote access tools, often without the cost of having to drive to your home or office. This means a faster and lower cost solution for you.

PC Repair

When your computer needs hands-on service, we can replace defective components, transfer data from failing drives to new drives, clean malware, install software, upgrade RAM and video cards, and physically clean your computers to have them back in operation as quickly as possible.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLA's) can help you maintain a level of support for a fixed monthly fee. It can include Antivirus licensing, backup management, System support, and software licensing, including G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Cuero Computer Center

Your local Managed Services Provider

  • Our team has over 30 years of combined experience
  • We have a local shop to drop off your PC for repair or recycling
  • We have experienced field technicians who can go to your place of business to service your needs
  • We can help you manage a monthly service plan to keep your equipment running top-notch.
  • We have access to new and refurbished systems, components, printers and monitors to keep you up to date and stay within your budget.

Whatever your IT support needs are, we are here to help. We can help upgrade you to a VOIP solution, camera systems, backup solutions, and remote access so you can access your data when you are on the road.

Give us a call today, and even if your systems are running okay, we can give you a free evaluation to help you plan for your future and minimize your downtime.